Harper Simon, 2010Division Street, 2013


There’s a place between waking and sleeping
A space where the land meets the sea
That’s where the shadows are keeping
The shine that you once kept for me

The stars are all laughing and twinkling
In a language they share with the moon
That’s when my feelings start thinking
Of the shine that’s abandoned my room

The shine
The shine
It dazzled from your sun to mine
The shine
The shine
Your luminous smile is sublime
And it glows from your bones deep within
Auroras were born on your skin
The shine
The shine
The shine

Where do you think we went wrong
Can we go back and watch it again
Can we rewind our lives ‘til the danger arrives
And erase it with a magnetic pen

There’s a sign in the shop on the corner
Its colors jump off of my floor
Maybe I didn’t love you the way that you wanted
But I’ve never loved anyone more

Gotta get away, got to take some time
Nothing that I say seems to change your mind
Everywhere I look is just a canyon
Where the sun don’t ever shine