Harper Simon, 2010Division Street, 2013


I’m gonna tell you a story
Most of it is true
It goes back to my early memory
And maybe it will show you
Why I do the things I do
I was born in New York City
But my mom’s from Tennessee

A little town called Newport
Where the folks don’t grow too tall
And they don’t grow too short
It’s a place of moderation, common sense, and decency
Well it’s nothing like the way I am
But it’s how I’m gonna be

Oh, but on a serious note
I believe I left my cell phone in my coat
They are riding in a taxi down to 7th Street and D
And that’s a long way from Newport, Tennessee

Howdy again
To continue my story
On my educational road to glory
I was kicked out of a school, or two, or maybe it was three
I got mostly incompletes, but in math I bought a C

I bought a C…
And then I rambled around
Drove my car from Slumberville to Lonesome Town
Joined a band, but it didn’t go
So I booked some time on Nashville’s Music Row

Hush now
Everybody get low down
I don’t want no electric guitars in the background
I’m trying to concentrate on how you find serenity
When you’re born in New York City,
But your mom’s from Tennessee
And I got issues
Hell, I got pain
There’s a lot I can’t remember
Even more I can’t explain
No it don’t make much sense to me
Still I’m proud my mama comes from Tennessee
Yes I’m proud my mama comes from Tennessee